The W Resort, Maldives – Fabulous Overwater Oasis


welcome to the welcome to the W resort maldives w Maldives we just standing at the top of the the top of the resort here the only ever water bungalows I'll give you a tour of mine just walk it out to my villa yeah I'd say the top of the resort on stilts and I'll walk it down to my villa it's about 2:00 and it walks the villa and then we'll do a tour of the villa these were the villas lovely day in the Maldives so welcome to place w Maldives have got a fabulous over water villa and mine is just two minutes on the left here this is all the water ones lovely blue waters this fish in there I'll show you its run near the North Area at all which is 80 kilometers from male Airport and all these girls on stilts it's buggy coming so the main hotel when I booked I did ask them to give me one as far out as possible that's why I just walked all the way to the end there so the main hotel is all dice on an island there see the boats the beaches watersports and so on lobby area should be a W sign there yes there is just there that would probably be fire sunset bar area CW it's great say that okay but let's just sit on the left next to this little garden here yeah Island beautiful day hot yeah it's the sunset bar there so I've just checked in like two hours to get an hour ago go for a full walk around tomorrow we'll do the room today sound pool don't fancy the lagoon there's left pit stops in various places you get ice thick and meaning it iced bottled water apples and stuff for free there this one side the lagoon I also have live good access from the room we need to get our feet wet because I promise you the floor is baking hot and I have blisters at the end of this video yeah we'll get our feet wet inside yeah all right I mean 2:30 conveniently numbered this it's a beautiful picture it's a beautiful picture on the hotel's website this place at night and they put lights all lit up I'm gonna take a filter yes it's the main entrance just over there another W sine beta and this were all the overwater villas are there's one set of a water villas got it little buggies see if I can find you a fishing pole again crystal-clear waters here throw the coral and stuff all right Lou I will inside nice or flower here okay in the room it's much better on my feet in the shade yep it's going put on place okay so welcome it's a fabulous fabulous overwater suite the water Oasis you all have funny names the hotel's thing begins with W I didn't turn the lights on the I forgot it doesn't matter I'm starting again okay so straight out here the veranda deck chairs give your private pool are you coming on a seaplane come on a seaplane no direction there's two islands one is that one day can take and go they it's called castaway island [Music] and you're coming on a seaplane 25-minute ride from male airport to the seaplane there pick you up on a speed boat and bring you here you can't there is actually a seaplane berth at the hotel just do that – sure I'll come back here in a second make it 15 minutes yes go inside a quick look around left the door open like that desk here and there like so much difference bedroom though welcome sweets are these macaroons cakes welcome to W more leaves thank you very much mr.

manager yeah just a little sweet thing feed that to the fish later so you can see any fish ah that what was painful on the feet to be to some extent you know on the flip flops yeah we'll find some fish later yeah don't lose hotel channel stuff feels quickly do this and then we'll come back and it's Valley bedroom 3 bathroom sports fans look at this sports fans greetings 30 hotel Mali's fabulous overwater oasis brilliant and I love the weather my new favorite word in the English language begins with a letter W the weather get this gorgeous a ready yeah bark outside and we shall do it all over again people here at the W nice bathroom and the weather ready find your fish faster damn fish it's nice to be the water yeah room number so when you go for a swim anyway so yeah the lagoon stretches all the way out there somalis is like a sequence of assholes this one's a North Area at all I think it's fence to island were on it's light blue and it gets dark blue it's cool when you're coming on the seaplane yeah see the ball all the sights yes that's like castaway island four hundred US dollars for a four-hour trip they take you out there in a boat wanted US dollars for hours take you on a boat serve your lunch champagne what do you know whichever you fancy and then bring you back custom Island the seaplane that's also with the W that that Island no that hotel has it IRA no that hotel shares that with us get a little seating area deck chairs smoking they meet your match like some of the lingo in this hotel room senses call whenever whatever on something whatever whatever picture area you're snorkeling as well give you a snow you scary for freeze asked the measure you should shoot foot size give you that jump in the water later don't you well lovely lovely lovely lovely it's one thousand us tonight this one doesn't use a night for the place okay walk around so you seen the sweeties deck chair since Wheaties every now that we look down for fish nope yes the W Hotel China is this in room breakfast if you want making shows what you want very standard continental expand addicting okay what's on the table so let's do a little Google Maps okay how cool is that where in the world am i there absolutely spot on that one I was just pick it up in a second yeah aw Maldives aware here two three zero main island is here arrival jetty there's one pool on the main island the spa spar is this one here that's the best place to go snorkeling they said sunrise yeah sunset bar is here so spa sunset bar with fish the restaurant main lobby area and so anyway so we're on this at all have a look at this from space that's what it looks like yeah Wi-Fi is good once it connects up yeah so it looks like so we're on this at home like that all these islands male airport is here it's 82 km/h in the maldives you know that's the runway cumali Island and the main time line they're wrecking that place they're building a bridge yeah it's all this land reclamation going on up here yeah a little land reclamation and stuff I was there yesterday yeah main airport the Maldives and yeah we're here so these atolls yeah this country Sri Lanka and India and so on very earthy yeah Google Maps these are all your activities I'm going sailing at 3:30 yeah go parasailing called I booked for tomorrow they said weather permitting if not it'll be underwater glass-bottom boat tour that's that castaway darling dining experience castaway dining on that Island just there yeah I won just there cost of a dining take out there leave you out there for a couple of hours bottle of champagne and some food picnic hamper yeah so I'm charging my phone underwater casing that's to go sailing they're sailing cruises around the island ATU so let's just go on that catamaran noon at 3:30 so what ya doing and it is a watersports here get wet w4 wet yeah yeah since the activities the key card looks like here multicolored eccentric notice while the Starwood group sort of cater to the younger age group so it's all these funny colors in architecture and so on yeah you seen all that you don't see anything else let's go over this way aspirins red boys yeah welcome to Marley's mate yeah hold on nice one thanks for coming so there's all the minibar stuff so everything is complimentary don't you miss bar everything's complementary to the alcohol it's not too pricey either you know whiskey bottle whiskey is 445 us that's not bad especially my Singapore prices yes you get crisps jelly beans no M&Ms zendaya raisins sunburnt raisins bring those drinks Bombay Sapphire wine in here vive la France we will have a publique ah no doubt a lot some champagne as well yeah okay and then no stuff in this one is flea open the tonic economic shrimps coca-cola get busy pivot this water there's a water station up sights there's nothing up Wow nice not as nice as this yeah so we've done the shrooms in the sweets table bed just keeping it greenie those places they're telling not to wash the towels too frequently that's what it's all about yeah electricity must be an issue here when you're surrounded by you know the islands okay bathroom sports fans see ya there's an outdoor shower just there no pool obviously what you've seen tell you in there later this your outdoor beach bag yeah make my day up look at the headgear in the bathtub it's mosquito repellent I don't pick mosquitoes come where oceans it could splits scissors and nails why I want not selling gear for WLAN bug : shaving stuff very nice very nice indeed table and stuff sports fans boys and girls welcome yeah drink it up stuff see what's in here it's a shower get upstairs it's boiling hot war just piping hot water it's good quality stuff this yeah this this is bliss yeah that's enough it's the bathroom yeah come back in here alright back outside the W yeah some people the full hotel so tomorrow we're going sailing 3:30 local time is 1:45 they gave me the room of 12 so uh bags arrived a bit later granulator so far damage to it just yet they have a good deal actually you can wash a bag full of clothes it's not buy it so like some hotels where you wash clothes by per piece let's give you a baggie I put as much of it put all your clothes in there everything anything standard 879 US dollars 79 your sauce will wash your bag of clothes absolutely anything yeah I think that's good I forgot sailing all about clothes were dirty right okay let's walk the edge what is edge it's nice on the feet that it's in the deck chairs so there's gonna be good it's my day one in the Maldives I reckon the weather's pretty good at this time of year October mate mid-october yeah I see a table there use that to keep the door open the aircon cuts out when you I open the door open the door man yeah we catches fire jump in the ocean it's not going to very good place shut up even trying to fish get me close to the ocean there fish this is the first time I'm doing this all right if I go ahead in first because the steps link so I haven't mastered it then it's your fault not mine the Indian Ocean people got one foot wet okay let's get out I'll going that properly later thanks watching Toria fabulous award row a sister hotel Maldives pleasure to be here let's take a rest on this deck chair are you people enjoy what I'm seeing alright silly people taking the water later castaway island experience so welcome back I did promise I'll take you in the pool just going up to sunset here so it's going up to sunset see what it looks like from inside I'll show you this for going down yeah 25 sunset is at 6:00 nice that's the great I went sailing today catamaran sailing I don't catch him around sailing you go all the way pretty much to that islands not think what's the way there it's a bit rough you feel of the view and the sound are wearing a life jacket if you noticed that wearing a life jacket because go in there as well hey the water is nice and vardaman spoke with a capital W just like the W Hotel that it's been at and the cool people I'm actually just wearing the life jacket for a laugh yeah because you don't actually need it where we're gonna go that just sounds a couple of steps yes I went catamaran sailing very smooth the winds are really nice maybe videos that as well that's the castaway island yeah okay it's in the pool mr.

Kate in the pool just like that take a selfie like that put on Instagram okay okay let's go that was dead I share what they still look like hold on tight you're going down people going in the water come on come on yeah so it's still tonight all right now find you a fish my son Collette I need to paint it down yeah any weight sevilla toy you see all this year jaws all right fish time there you go fish there that little bugger if you look I saw a couple of sharks about 2 foot long the front of the hotel they swim all the way around and I was walking on the hotel earlier it's another tourist guy panicking said he saw Sharon snorkeling and saw a shark in the water Kenickie handle it meant shouts get if you don't worry about it okay sunset all right there any further in you know wearing a light jacket let's use that's the villager people all right we shall see you next time Mali's this is the place at night people are in the evening the W yeah it's an absolutely great hotel thoroughly enjoyed my time here arrival Pavillion the lobby and we have the beach here where I went catamaran sailing unforgettable experience and the ocean the fabulous water Oasis all that up in the evening beautiful Sun at night lovely purple below yes my Villa is all the way up there thanks for watching the tour mr.

W Maldives a very good morning tool local time is 5:30 in the morning it looks really nice with these lights I just got up to go for a run Oh Jerry I'm doing these places looks really nice with the lights it's my villa hey I just ran it to the the main entrance now carry on running around the resort record morning sports thanks that's cool yeah bit music there it's run straight off the path into the water Hank not it's nice innit Holly's give me other beautiful day in the mollies a couple minutes down here you'll see the beach the lobby and the W sign Darren small so they've done well to build these villas now hotel website has this photo it's bit darker I took a quick video last night no ship is too dark but yeah this which capture the colors the purple glow white lights hey rival pavilion either by speedboat or plane both my case and the beach so then I cut them around sailing free water good later a beach what this mix is quite nice that's the hotel another island up there and the lobby in Italy it's something be the end burn some calories before breakfast all right we'll see you later [Applause].


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