The W Resort, Maldives


so welcome to the W resort maldives W in the Maldives for a lovely morning standing at the arrivals pavilion steer Sonny's is coming up and it's a lovely day in the Maldives Islands let's light the castaway island from private dining sports and so on this is the main island they get a speed boat out there and so on the main island you've got all the water villas over there so I'm staying for halfway up on this side Oceanside that's all the water villas Volvo private pools nice place as the platform to the water villas that's their Idol boolean it's a little walk around there's some of the boats there you can take a boat to their private island there when I got here I got here on a seaplane trucks you out in the ocean and the boat brings you back we can also get the seaplane from here okay yeah see right when you get here they give you free champagne free glass of wine orange juice whatever you want yeah it's like this yeah it's nice people absolute brilliant hotel yesterday soak the place in so I'll go for a walk around the W Maldives tell you some stories on the way hey it's quite a small island walk around about ten minutes yeah Phyllis up there some local people that traditional Dhoni main lobby area those are the Beach Villas two massive rooms Beach Villas will do the video le before it gets busy and all the people come out yeah they don't going into fishing or so like that misters gonna have breakfast yeah this the beach here mr.

stalky our best friend I'm eight make your debut on my videos I saw him take a great catch I saw him take a great catch got a fish that's the beach up there you must have seen a fish she's gonna get it watch this okay yeah Resort main entrance I just walk you to the best bit in the hotel it's just over here yeah the stalks made this this Beach his own it's been loitering here ever since I've been here and abilities coming out Suns just gone behind a cloud that was hit the only pulling out thing it brings all the supplies in we're 80 kilometres from Marlene coming let's see playing 80 kilometres yeah everything here is luxurious it works – brilliant have to bring it all in we'll come back here this is the best bit in the hotel see what the storks wings you get water sports they I won't catch him around sailing yesterday like I'm mile out to sea fish don't play any fish in the sea water sports is up there we'll walk past there see if I can find a fish for you he's looking in the water for any fish all right the W sign where we started hey let's go around let's get on the island I'll putting the camera straight ad I'm looking at the water for a fish you must join me it's clear blue waters a it's talkies still there yeah it's the best bit in the hotel 20 nice at night when they light up all the villas buy orange white lights on the floor it's beautiful hey honey okay smoke round w yes welcome to place we're just going to do gardens and then down to the beach the other side spa sunset sunset bar and stuff like that and it's got buggies to tell you around what about this way like pay Gardens the two categories of rooms since the Beach Villas so 900 us a night when the AVO water ones so a seasonal the pricing in the mall leaves about thousand years tonight now on top of that is the seaplane transfers yeah so the 500 US per person yep this is a dive center it's called Down Under all the places that I've Center that's where you book your water sports and stuff all the all the stuff in this hotel has got weird names so concierge just call whatever whenever I think the bar is called wet toilets all wet stuff like that yeah figured out as we go around Wow lobby alright so this is a pit stop station that they have all the way around the hotel they've got like water stations LOX ice towels tells a nice got double your internet yeah there's 28 villas 28 Beach Villas about 50 overwater one so that's the beach villa like that Gloria upstairs Downstairs also with their own pools we're gonna water it on the garden will cut across to the spa in a minute so all the way around the garden sorry about two minutes small island trying to meet us somewhere that will cut through to their beach at the spa just yeah yeah I need to see the gardens yeah Maldivian garden Beatrice it's actually quite nice staying over water it's not noisy at night with the waves the waters quite calm the rooms well insulated the doors so sound is okay it's the only thing is when you step out onto the deck at night they're set upstairs Downstairs with beach relaxing upstairs other things when they step out you know randomly just at night yeah and you hear the ocean and you see this is just all we're a long way from anywhere here so everything is black yeah I need this to see other ways to see the waves breaking yeah that one makes your heart skip a beat prov nets it's nice the villas are very spacious but a places have small overwater velasquez spills the nature of a water villas but anyway this the spa with some beach on the beach mr.

stork Ian's come over here mate you follow me let me know Lee what a great catch that's why I won't we're beaches yeah it's like people paid good money flying airplanes to come here it's very peaceful hey schedule ask on the beach missed the sign that for the spot UNICEF fighters anyway they might just assign okay it's working the beach for a bit come a-runnin shoes on here or run this morning water is crystal clear and beautiful I came for a walk around here yesterday so this is the beachside for the villas we won't look into the villas this wet but it's not some guy was snorkeling that's walking on yesterday some guy was staying in one of the villas just been snorkeling and just got out of the water you look well panicked yeah he came out to me and said you know I saw a shark in the water I should be so smoking and short sauce chug I saw you as well you see them around and so told him how big was the shark so it's about a meter no one meteor I think it's the first time it's been snorkeling in this part of the world it's gonna China yeah it's the first time it's been snorkeling in a spot the word I told him look mate there's a reef sharks at the scared of you the chances are they'll swim away if they see you rather than you being scared of them yeah they say this is the best area to get snorkeling in this part some action there below the water silly fish that's all so I'm sitting under my villa early you see some jumping fish are there fish tell it once you see them jumping out the water is like a group of them like 50 fish they all like jump out of the water that's quite a nice sight you just seems difficult to take a photo there yeah lots about two seconds think I VI trained on the position and luckily you see it then you'll never forget it okay so around once we get to there that's the sunset bar area once you get there we'll come back to Gardens score on the hotel on the beach from it I leave say it's a small island yeah that says the Beach Villas it's there it's nobody there so I'll point the camera one of the things they don't let you do here or they tell you not to if you have a drone and if you got a drone really quite a nice stick some drone footage yeah it's only not to because the guests obviously don't like it yeah you know they're sitting on their verandas and whatnot and there's people you know flying stuff over them that's the explicit to tell you that you know people take photos and stuff footprints in the sand with a Nike swoosh I can see clearly now there must be more than one stalk yeah great minds think alike my friend now get a fish I think I'm a fish for breakfast can we break this out this video Beach Villas oh there's a sunset villa we've seen something follow the bed yeah bitch Willis yeah yeah sunset bar and fish restaurants hey you want to see the gap you want to see the garden I have seen enough of the beach Ella moaning walk local time is that's when you watch by the way W more leaves local time is twenty to eight throughout this video in before breakfast let's get this w sign since it back most results the mold is a fairly similar it's different views so those are my over Waterville as you can see yes I mean those overwater villas what a great sight the beach was so closed obviously because it's early morning yeah fish fishing them all leave so it's really nice to leave yeah so when I went catamaran sailing yesterday I went to pretty much whether it's very smooth sailing experience or otherwise [Applause] Suns coming up it's gonna be another beautiful day aw hotel I said words they'd all begin CWU favorite word favorite word in the English language one favorite word in the English language it has to begin with w weather weather all right absolutely great weather here and they're lucky in that sense this time plus sir I came to Maldives September time yeah said it's shangri-la in it was raining and stuffy remember there's two years ago there those are gardens with the Beach Villas this time we blessed with lovely weather it's October hi season here Pisces and the Maldives is November to February yeah then it virtually no rain hot it's also very busy at that time it's busy at that time and there are resorts are all much more expensive yeah so you know I said thousand US for my place tonight one night then they put out by 50 percent easy till you come mid-october yeah unlikely terrain is you see [Music] unlikely to rain sniffing food fully aware I'm fully aware men and children watch these videos we weren't video people women with not very much in the pool store keys back it's definitely following me around fun see they gotta get a fish or a great catch just didn't I got a second a blinder in the galley there yeah that's what if Allah say nice little boats there a behalf where they will walk up there people yeah a lot of sports it's all open here you see so well on that catamaran you see the red one what you to it new beach volleyball as well now one on that red one there it is matter what it looks like okay let's go back in another W sign here I've taken a selfie with every W sign in the hotel there's another nice one this little bar here so far here cut out coconut we can smoke the she sure as well on the boat there drink okay so that's breakfast let's the bar upstairs is the gym hello hi Manik Manik it's a breakfast in there no stops camera breakfast is here sure nice spot that's breakfast sit on tables your feet in the water see the table there you sit in the water I forgot my watch we're gonna watch that in four times in 45 there you go nicely with my tag heuer and my Rolex okay smoke the villa yes lobbying stuff there myself hammocks yep walk to my villa four-minute walk bringing more surprising can't get much on a seaplane yeah still there to stalk come on man get a fish make my day yes the castaway island ii of the hotel's islands now there the rival pavilions were earlier so start the video I've taken a filter with every W sign in the hotel different types of belts okay okay Villa – two three zero is it all the yeah pit stops ice coke it's very good actually you need I see a lots of it I was walking on this platform that we're walking on the wooden walkway yesterday walking barefoot ya know in the mid afternoon heat the walkway this one this walkway gets very hot yeah I've got one minute walking your feet start to burn so there's an ice machine right at the top yeah I just went up there got some ice chucked on the floor on it for a minute and then get you back to the room get you back to the villa yeah in one piece okay 230 is just up here it's very nice if you go in the hotel's website in our nice photo place at night with all the lights on it's actually beautiful I took a photo as well I took a video um I had that onto the end of this clip go for a jog this morning my show you breakfast as well it's nice bit here you can see the beach between the villas very well there's a nice walk around the W Maldives in the morning nice le morning walk before breakfast enjoy this really good hotel actually a brilliant but there no place in the Maldives are when its five-star can build anything here very beautiful I could go fast hey hey girls the korells see the car in the water beautiful huh but I stayed at Four Seasons could ahora they can plant one in your name and they send you photos like a birthday every year I'm going to Jumeirah Beach reveille later you can do that there as well all right stick one there Donald one for Donald one for Louis I think drop once all right where's the beach so my marker for my room is that one that that middle thing there the trees and there's another ice machine there and then my room is just round the right hey it's inefficient last the colored the sames the corals then get eaten by the Sharks hey it's 2:30 a lovely day in the Maldives I did ask them what I booked here you might think what the hell's this guy walked all this way for yeah when I booked I did ask them can you give me a villa as far out as possible yeah that's the idea we're 80 kilometres from male heir plus my villa by the way we're 80 kilometres from male airport it's nice being in the middle of nowhere yeah yes you're snorkeling in this side as well the side of the lagoon is safer because it's lagoon my side has got ocean I can just go straight down there snorkeling so if parasailing doesn't happen I'll go in there but it's better at the spar area well then here yeah ice machine okay in the room Thanks buggies taking people around please everyone yeah when you stand here sit all lit up at night it's beautiful right it's good the key card Hey life with a W slant very good tap it green light welcome to chez moi or should we yeah it's the ocean out there people all right great site to get these villas place fan up there bad that's large yeah even though it's several water it's large that baby's here yeah BBC on the Box SHhhh a kugel Maps Noah yeah yeah there's a separate video I posted a separate video I've posted just with the resort that's no vrw more leaves and of the room rather post a several-day just the room so always yeah I saw these atolls and little tiny Atlantians in the ocean now because this one looks like from space yeah Somali airport should be just here 80 kilometres that the airport Mali is the main town that's the airport 80 climbers must be plain then nearest country's Sri Lanka right there Wi-Fi is good route people you got a little fish hole here as well so much fish yeah sports fans yeah place out here W so it's that castaway island out there for private dining and fauna dear sellers for private dining they'll take you out they're put there to lunch dinner whatever champagne everything speedboat back 100 dollars for hours yep surrender the outdoor area snorkeling gear that work for a job this morning tell to drying better than a washing machine in the world or dryer this yeah Brenda [Music] and you get a side entrance as well just through here we go out this way as well if you want to later okay let's walk out through the bathroom or call it day Island breeze Maldives your room service stuff it looks like after it's been used yeah Buster here this large it's Hannukah square meters Shawna's with that last place popped up with an ocean view it's not just any old ocean is beautiful if you have a holiday me sports fans greetings W resort maldives great place great day let me spell it with a capital W this way ready that's the tow people thanks for watching my morning walk around the w model deeds let's watch in my morning walk around the W Maldives jogger for breakfast now video watersports and then the seaplane tomorrow this afternoon Jameer evict reveille see there sweets in the night he I imagine this at night totally dark everything is black there's nothing out there all right let's head of people bye.


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