The Most Beautiful Resort in the Maldives. Sun Island w/ @Elisabeth.Rioux


what is up guys my name is changer danger and I'm gonna show you what it's like to live in one of these villas for a week here in the maldives it is seriously epic so getting on my bike right now pulling off into this little boardwalk that goes to the main island so I'm staying just out here in one of these villas that's on the water and this Russian woman is waving to the camera but it's facing towards me sonar why she would do that anyways yeah we're working with a pretty built location right here Elizabeth and the rest of the crew get here later so I thought I would just show you guys around right now and see what this little island has to offer [Music] [Music] here's the boardwalk a little swim zone a little beach wedding zone and then someone's gonna have to move all right we made it so arms getting tired got to do a switch you guys should see how big this cameras that I'm carrying around right now so first I want to take you guys to this little spot that I shot at sunrise this morning it's uh just sort of on the end of the island the island is 1.

6 kilometers or 1 mile in length and then I think five or six hundred meters across so about a half mile or a little bit less across and you can easily traverse it on a bike so that's what we're gonna do right now I got the drone out this morning I couldn't really see a reason to use the big camera today but this little little bike path and see you guys there oh hey I'm glad you finally made it so we're out here on the end of the island took a little nap in the hammock and this water is breathtaking like I cannot believe this it's like Mexico or Bahamas just on steroids we're out here in the Indian Ocean if you don't know where the Maldives are and yeah we're starting to get an idea of what the vibe is like out here with this shaky shaky camera work but you know can't really rock the Ronin on the bike a little out of breath is a so I'll show you guys the food here later it's like so good since we're right in your India there was a lot of Indian inspired dishes maybe it was just straight-up Indian food I don't know but Wow damn but yeah the food was super good I'll show you guys when we have dinner what the food is like here because it was like life-changing how tasty this food was and geez dude this Beach like what I cannot believe it's real yeah damn there's a dope place to stay for sure so one thing that I want to say guys is uh the hotel is not endorsing this video they didn't put me up to making it or anything like that you know I'm not being paid by them to make this video so these are my real opinions about what's going on down here and if there was something bad I would totally tell you about it promise but so far it's been all good severed the gym didn't open until 8:00 and then breakfast closed at 10:00 so by the time I got to breakfast it was closed and I couldn't eat blues just a little food fiasco in the morning but I got it sorted out with them so they'll open the gym for me a little bit early and yeah I'm just I'm stoked it's a little hot in the Sun a little hot oh my god this Beach is insane this is unreal I feel like we're just gonna be filming non-stop all day every day like you could drone at any time of the day and it's gonna be dope every time I come to tropical place we get these palm fronds like this and of course we all know the photo where we have like this part of the front going down like the model spine or whatever and so I've always tried to get this shot and can never get it right but it's just beaming so hard right now I swear there's no way that we could get this wrong so we might finally be able to do it and that'll be dope to get that shot finally all right that's enough of this Beach now I want to see if we can go find anything else that's super cool on this island I know okay I got it the the dock out front is just gorgeous and it's like normally you know a dock and a harbor like it's okay but it's not that pretty but this one is unreal so we're gonna go over there and check that out and then finally we're gonna hop in the pool and see what that's like so I'll see you over there all right guys we made it BAM look at this doc yeah this is so beautiful and then there's like a little swing thing that I'm probably gonna have to take photos of Elizabeth on and yeah it's just insanity in every direction so I came in on this last night and I don't really get to see any of it like it was like lit up just a little bit and not that I could see where I was going but I couldn't really tell how beautiful it really was water was like a meter and a half to eat like four and a half feet so everything was good and yeah let's go hit the pool alright so I left my GoPro back in the room I think the best way to see a pool is from inside of the water not just from the edge so I'm gonna run back and get it right now I've dig a just a quick little observation of what's going down here it's a pretty dumb pool I don't really like pools that much was a lap pool so that I can swim but I think a lot of people do like fools so here you go I know Elizabeth hi the elimination was really interesting yeah you have no idea how hard it is to not shove you in the water right now are you really doing a video I I have my phone you could throw it here give me your phone it's an iPhone 7 plus wow great Elliot hey did you fix your screen finally right that's good I have a new phone yeah I'm proud of you thank you there yeah are you just pretending are you with no this is a video oh oh that's the video yeah I just saw in my eyes my hair are dirty we've been traveling for the last three days and I haven't washed my hair yet you don't wash your hair like once every month anyways think right now so yeah and then this is our friend Sam yeah hi I just have brown hair is there oh okay see how we're gonna go grab some food right now once we get all of the people on our group together it's on the shark JC has never seen a shark in a while yeah that about 1 meter block all right this might look like slop but it's really good curry are you okay I don't trust fury dude the Koreas dang I ate so much curry earlier and feel great right now it was a little filling as I was trying to vlog earlier and I was like falling asleep because I ate so much but yeah the food here is super dink they don't have all the good stuff out that they did before that one's good generally see you in the dark and we're fogged so yeah the food's here pretty good hello hello get some of that curry boy okay that's enough luck I've got a pretty funny idea for you guys as you can see we're about two meters off the water right now and it's only a meter deep so if I were to launch the bike into the water I probably wouldn't have a very good time but honestly I kind of think I would and I kind of want to so I'm gonna make a deal if you guys can get to 500 likes on this video and I'm going to put it up before I leave so we can get to 500 likes on this video of me doing a little tour of the place then I'm going to accidentally ride the bike off of the dock and into the water and make it look like an accident so that nobody gets mad at me I feel like I can pull it off pretty clean and make it look really good so yeah let's hit 500 on this one and then I'll be taking this bike all the way to Davy Jones locker.


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