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located on the Indian Ocean the Maldives archipelago consists of 26 coraline atolls encompass in a territory of 1192 islets of which only about 200 are inhabited by people for those looking to escape to a dream holiday and a quintessential tropical island than the soft white sands swaying palms

and transparent waters mix the Maldives a perfect getaway male international airport is the gateway to this breathtakingly beautiful destination even the airport is an island unto itself male the capital of the Maldives is just a seven minute boat ride from the airport the boats run 24 hours a

day depart from this very spot every 15 minutes and only costs ten maldivian playa now the best part about this location is that you can actually sneak into the town while reading for your place hi explore that sounds really nice let's go so we're heading to Molly right

now what can I expect I'll take you around for just quick spin okay and you just grab a quick bite okay I'll take you to the fish market really English okay that's gonna be wearing that's going to be pretty fresh watching all the fish get caught it like

that and you're going to see just coming right from the boat onto the fish market sounds good Wow Molly's a sea of activity it is crazy let's get into a car and okay yeah I see now what you were saying about how busy it is and it also

seems really cosmopolitan so many different kinds of people on the streets hi structure lots of different nationalities yeah and what's so interesting about my ways then it is is a city but within the city you finding small surprises really like what for example we have the boats coming

here okay but then you have all the like chic buildings and different colors and halfway through just find so like a historical building I mean you really don't expect ya to come out yeah and then it just comes out of nowhere eman been brought me to the sea

house cafe for some local afternoon delights I can see why you rub into the sea house cafe is this beautiful out of the best places to dine in maldives at the moment I mean it's beautiful it is and it's best time right now because the Sun is just

at the right spot and you get a nice breeze now and I love the fact that you can see the airport it is watch the planes land and take off so tell me a little bit about the Maldivian people what what's the local flavor like we as people

we are very welcoming we re accept you with open arms can we welcome you to our homes to dine with our family you're really become family when you come to the Maldives and I hear that the Maldives is where you can get grapes to know that you actually

we have tuna for lunch breakfast dinner snacks everything off is that what we're gonna have for lunch we are gonna have a traditional maldivian breakfast it's called roshe and what we call missoni which is a tuna based salad with coconuts and tuna I guess that's interesting what's yours

it's called cooling mass equals yes it's a hot spicy tuna ok this is a tuna based salad we will scribe cognitive and it's served with egg also yes first malkavian bite very interesting while it's spicy I've never had a spicy to number four it doesn't even taste like

tuna tuna is not only really tangy and and that's very spicy it's very cool not only is it really tasty it also feels really good because it's really healthy thank you ah so this is where the tuna comes from yes it is and this is where all the

fishermen from all the islands close by right it bring all the catch right here and there is a little right here so that's the swordfish right there yes it is like a show you where the real action is where it's really busy oh my gosh what the heck

is that I mean I know it sucks the yellow fin tuna but you'll see more more bigger fish inside let's heading okay now I knew that what you get by this is the real deal ok this is the giant sword fish or fish it is okay and you

see smaller tune us different kinds of tunas we get okay it's just amazing to see how much fish every day they catch that gives you a different perspective on oh wow it's beautiful really nice so this is the moss the Grand Mosque the grande y demas okay it's

usually packed during on Friday okay and you see a lot of architecture and a lot of terrible wordings right okay well shukriya thank you very much for taking me around male matakara coming along ah I loved it and now I can't wait to hit the beach that's a

Maltese really famous soon you will hahaha


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