I Bought A Maldives Overwater Villa Vacation At 21!


[Music] what's up travelers how's it going the Maldives known for its overwater villas with private pools views of the horizon with prices ranging from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per night earlier this year I was fortunate enough to stay at the W Maldives and I almost regret it why because nothing I've done since then and I think it will be hard even in the future for anything to come close to how amazing this experience was so this video will have two different parts the first is where I show you and tell you about my stay at the hotel I'll give you a room tour all that incredible stuff so you can see just how luxurious this place is it was $1, 500 a night but then in the second part I'll explain how I booked it and how you guys can book it I'll give you three different ways to get your trips to the Maldives because as I said this room would be $1, 500 a night but Oscar and I went and we ended up paying $1, 000 per person in total including seaplane transfers and food and activities the normal total for that trip would have been about twelve thousand dollars even if you have zero hotel or frequent flyer miles I will show you how you can go to the Maldives and stay in one of the most luxurious overwater villas in the world for just $380 a night now I know that's an insane amount but it is so much less it's like four times less than you could pay for these rooms in peak season Vimala Airport is fascinating mall is the capital of the Maldives the airport is an island that is only an airport pretty much if you want to get to the capital you actually have to take a boat because they're separate the highest natural point and the entire Maldives is two meters above sea level here's the thing about the sea planes I didn't have super high expectations so when I thought about the resort and they were like so the ceiling is gonna be four hundred ninety five dollars per person I was like excuse me it's a 20-minute flight by the way and let me say this I did not expect those pretty much $500 for the seaplane to be worth it but it was the best money I've ever spent I have never had so much fun looking out the windows so you take off from Molly you turn over the runway of the International Airport [Music] see all the planes parked there Emirates Turkish Airlines guitar and then you just fly out over all the coral reefs you fly past tons of different resorts it's the most beautiful flight you will probably take in your life I was in all the entire time and the cockpit door is open so you can see the little instruments which of course I thought was so much fun then finally you start descending and we took a sharp turn to the left and touchdown right outside the resort if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen all these stories when it was happening live it was insane the view we had and then the plane pulls up to a jetty and we get off and this was the point where the crazy luxurious experience started we got off and right there we were greeted by six members I think of the staff including the head of food and beverage welcome manager all that stuff and they were lined up so we walk up to them and they greet each of us on the sea plane individually by name they had learned everyone's name by some magic so they say hello mr.

Daniel would you like a cold towel and anything to drink perhaps champagne there's a few other places like the Maldives like Bora Bora but I think the thing all these places have in common you can see how incredible the water villas are you can see the beauty of the architecture and everything but you don't really understand how breathtaking it is until you're there and we got off the plane and it was just like it truly felt like we had landed in paradise so then they take us out on the golf cart for a tour of the entire island which took five minutes because most resorts in the Maldives are on private little islands out in the atolls so finally after the tour they brought us to our room [Music] then we have some welcome amenities a chair and down here we can see fish swimming by we've seen several since we came and now we have some closet space in case anyone wants to hide in here bathrobe slippers umbrella and now the bathroom which is almost as big as the bedroom we have our bathtub with this mediocre view you know lots of special here is the toilet and the shower this is where the real maldives magic happens here's our pool which also doubles as a jacuzzi and yeah we can just wine dine or relax out here and certainly last but not least we have our own stairs [Music] yeah this is the bungalow I didn't actually record a real video while I was there I wanted to do a room tour because I knew I might publish this but I was there for full on vacation so I didn't record all the food I didn't record our activities and stuff I have no idea how they can serve such delicious food on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean the Kang Croats own food but all the dishes were incredible and I was really worried going there as someone who has a plant-based diet because I figured okay there's not gonna be much special through there might be some vegetarian options but that might have dairy and stuff but the director of food and beverage release of the W I think reaches out to everyone before their stay with some information about the resort activities etc and then he asked if we have any special requests so I just saw them Jaime and Oscar both follow plant-based diets is there anything you can do about this or do you have any options on the menu and he said don't worry about it we will create a custom menu for you two that every restaurant will have they recognize your faces so when you come to the restaurant they will just bring you the menu and you'll be sorted food was not a problem although protip we went to breakfast buffet really late like right before was closing around 10:00 and then we had an early dinner of five so we could skip lunch and save quite a bit of money there the rest of the time we spent doing free yoga sessions free Pilates other free workouts they have so much cool stuff to do right on the beach with personal trainers all included we could also go kayaking for free we went snorkeling for free and the snorkeling was incredible I could just swim around around around the island I didn't want to get up literally it's so cool to see all these diverse fish there were sharks and one night we went night snorkelling which was probably my least favorite thing we did there because I expected everything to be like neon when I flashed my special flashlight on it the one cool thing at the end though was when there was a huge manta ray that was like so I looked around with my flashlight and it was this close to my face swimming away and I was like that is awesome seeing this wildlife so up close so that was what we did during the time there it was just five of the most peaceful relaxed singing definitely luxurious days of my life so now let's move on to how I booked this and how you can do the same if you want to know more about the Maldives and the different resorts you can check out there's a million videos on YouTube about this and I just want to say I paid for this date entirely by myself I paid for the room as well the double you didn't know I was a vlogger they didn't know I was making a video when I was there they still don't know I'm making this video so it's completely independent firstly let me show you the W Maldives now I booked my stay in October last year and sadly prices have gone up since then I paid two hundred forty thousand points for three nights in the overwater villa at the time though as I said I arrived in the morning and left in the evening so I pretty much had five days there now the same Villa will cost you five hundred ninety thousand points for five nights stay now which includes a fifth night free so not the best deal luckily there are plenty of more attainable options for example in September the brand new JW Marriott will open in the maldives first see the overwater villas look absolutely stunning unbelievably luxurious and large you can redeem miles for them directly at a price of just 340 thousand miles for five nights which is a steal because as I said they look amazing and if you have a lot of Marriott points I would go ahead and do this what I'm gonna focus on now is how I'll be redeeming miles for my own next stay in the maldives and the full process of going from zero to 380, 000 points last time I redeemed from Ariat but this time I decided to go with Hilton instead because those points are even easier to attain nowadays there are three Hilton resorts in the Maldives Waldorf Astoria is the most luxurious and will open this fall but I'm planning on redeeming at the Conrad why because you can get overwater villas at the lowest price level of 95 thousand points per night it's insane how easy it is to earn Hilton points nowadays first the Hilton frequently sells their points at a significant discount which is how you can effectively stay at this hotel for $380 per night as I said in the beginning until July 4th so very limited time they have a sale where you get a hundred percent extra points meaning you can purchase 80 thousand points and get 80 thousand points as a bonus for eight hundred dollars in total that gets you a hundred sixty thousand points now here's the key you want to have Hilton status it gets you your fifth night free as a redemption you get free breakfast which is worth a lot in the Maldives and you can get room upgrades when I decided this was my plan I immediately signed up for the Hilton credit card from American Express it has a signup bonus of a hundred twenty five thousand points currently which saves me $625 currently if I purchase those points and that's with the discount so the signup bonus is worth a lot and when I combine all those points I have two hundred eighty-five thousand points to get five nights with the fifth night free thanks to my Hilton elite status that comes with the credit card I need 380, 000 points so I'm already almost there the card also comes with temporary past visits which is an awesome addition so to get those last 95, 000 points that I need I will either purchase more points you can Google how to purchase more than the annual limit because it's super easy or you can refer your friends to earn those points you can also transfer a few points from membership rewards which is what I'm gonna do so basically it's not hard at all to get this deal I'm essentially paying $800 and the rest is covered by the credit card signup bonus and points transfers from my other credit cards the Maldive suddenly became much more reachable so guys I hope you found that guide helpful as well thank you so much for watching I've been planning my next trip to the Maldives since the day after I left the Maldives I just have to go back and of course I want to try Bora Bora because people rave about that as well the craziest thing to me is just that I never ever thought that I would be able to experience these things even if I got super rich I figured I'm never gonna want to spend $1, 500 for one night at a hotel but then if you change your mindset and just put yourself in the situation of I don't know if this can happen to asking yourself how can I make this happen which is what I did last fall when I booked this I just figured it out you always figure it out if that's the mindset and honestly I'm so thankful I did it was incredible and I hope you guys whatever your income is as long as you have enough money to be comfortable with paying for the food and tea plane you don't have to worry about paying for the nights I hope you can have an incredible experience want to let you know there won't be a video on Monday because I'm going on a big review trip gonna be crazy I'll be home on Tuesday I'll share it all on my Instagram stories of course and until I see you all next time I see [Music].


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