"Free" $800/Night Maldives Hotel w/ Chase Cards Set Up


hey guys it's Sebastian from ask Debbie and today we are going to talk about how to use a chase setup in order to do a multi of strip in 2019 and 2020 for the most part we're going to be focusing on the hotel element just because that's where the chase points really thrive in this video we'll talk about how you could do this with one player or two players but I'm assuming that you're going with two people because most people aren't going by themselves if anything this might be the way for you to activate player two if you need to convince them about the value of cards before we dive into everything if you are someone that wants to support our channel if you want to let me know that you like me doing videos like this pretty easy way to do that would be to give this a thumbs up for flights if you are someone that wants to do business class or first-class I would recommend looking into other cards outside of Chase after finishing with Chase the big reason for this is due to the 5:24 rule and the fact that Alaska cards American Airlines and American Express cards and their points do a bit better for business class and first-class for the specific routes be prepared that for each person you're looking at about a hundred thousand points roundtrip so either one to two cards per person for that round trip business class flights we will cover an economy example in the middle with the chase points but don't worry too much about that for now one of the big benefits of chase points is that they transfer over to high it at a one-to-one rate for most people this is where we're going to get a lot of value due to how you can use those points this means that if you have the CSP CSR or CIP so the Sapphire Preferred Sapphire Reserve or the a preferred one-to-one is a hundred thousand chase points is a hundred thousand hyatt points ten thousand ten thousand and one to one the park hyatt maldives retails for about five hundred to six hundred dollars per night sometimes more expensive especially over the new year five hundred dollars is more for off season though while six hundred is more for the main season I'm assuming you don't want to go during offseason when it's raining so we'll use that six hundred dollar figure if you wanted to use points here instead you're only paying thirty thousand points in order to redeem for one night here so instead of paying that 500 or 600 you're using thirty thousand points this is a pretty easy example of how to get two cents at a place that other people are paying $600 for every someone who gets the world of Hyatt card you're going to get 50, 000 points in total after six thousand dollars a minimum spend that equates to almost two nights jumping over to a spreadsheet assuming that you are someone that cannot convince her player to to get cards or they just don't want to get cards I would recommend getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred yourself as was the Hyatt Card Chase Sapphire Preferred or getting 60, 000 points after $4, 000 a minimum spend and then you're also going to get 4000 points at a minimum due to that minimum Spence this is effectively going to total one hundred and twenty thousand hyatt points 120 divided by 30 is four nights already so pretty good value but we can do a bit better especially if you have a player to and especially if you don't mind flying economy wolf a player too if you run the same set up then you're going to get double the amount of points so about eight nights they're depending on you eight nights feels a bit overkill but it just depends on how you like to vacation especially if this is a honeymoon to cover flights you would pretty much do the same thing but I would probably add a Freedom Card for player one just because it offers a bit more points and helps you for this specific setup for player two I would have them get the Chase Sapphire Reserve instead of the Chase Sapphire Preferred due to a 1.

5 X back on the travel portal from JFK to ml e which is the airport you need to get to it's going to be 864 dollars I've got 1.

5 X you need to spend about 58, 000 points this is going to be per person round-trip this means that if player one transfers their points to player two of the Chase Sapphire reserve that's going to cover the economy flights one of the really good things for flying it see hot through Abu Dhabi is that you get a free stopover first night is going to be relatively discounted and second net is free you get in at 7 p.


so you do have a bit of time to run around and see the city jumping back to the spreadsheet assuming one of you gets a freedom card as well you're still going to get the same four nights at the Hyatts before we continue if you are someone that wants to support our channel and you want to learn more about these chase cards a very easy way to do that would be to use the links that are on our website ask Sebby or to use the links that are below in the description box if you are someone that can get business cards and this opens up a lot more doors as well just because the chase in cash card Inc unlimited an Inc preferred card I'll offer 5050 and 80, 000 points and bonuses respectively making it really easy to add additional Knights even getting that no annual fee in cash card is 50, 000 points which is almost two nights in itself for me I think three nights is the bare minimum you want to do so four nights is fine for a lot of people especially if you want to do excursions or if you just want to enjoy your alone time then maybe you want to do eight nights one thing to be careful with for the Maldives that you don't really see with places like Bora Bora is getting to each of these resorts is pretty expensive you're looking at about $500 per person roundtrip of Bora Bora you can hop around a bit more it's only about a hundred to maybe two hundred dollars total for both people to hop between different resorts but here it's not really the case five hundred is definitely a lot but it's pretty consistent with the other properties and there's other ones such as the Waldorf Astoria which charge even more per person food is also going to be another issue just because you do have to pay for food there it's going to be a bit more expensive so you want to factor that in the point of this whole video and using points isn't necessarily to do it for free free it's just to make it justifiable and easier to have fun on the trip you still need to spend money on the food as well as the excursions and stuff but it doesn't feel like you're blowing your whole budget on the hotels by themself for me personally if I was trying to do this I would probably not book the economy flights I'd rather pay out of pocket and the big reason to me is I can get more value from those tres points by transferring them over to Hyatts I'd rather do more nights there are do tonight and another hotel and get that two or three cents per points rather than just locking in one point five cents per point obviously this really depends on your budget and how much money you want to spend as well as your earnings and stuff so if you're someone who really wants to cut down to spending as much as possible then obviously use the points towards the flight as well it was someone who is the students and maybe you want to do this as a graduation trip for whatever reason then obviously tuition is a very easy way to hit a ton of minimum span same thing for weddings I think the average cost right now is 25, 000 to 30, 000 her wedding a few people asked me whether it makes sense to use their credit card if they have to pay a fee for it I'll happily pay 3% to get 15% for some other miscellaneous stuff plastic is also a pretty good solution to use your credit card to hit minimum spends for most of these places you are looking at the base room when you use points so you're either going to need to have status globalists in order to get upgraded to an overwater villa or you need to pay cash for maybe one of those nights based off the current rates it's about five hundred dollars per night that you wants in an overwater room I probably would only do maybe one of these over water that way you get the pictures you want and the experience you wants and it kind of show it off but other than that I think I would do the rest on land probably do the overwater one towards the end of the trip or maybe the middle of the trip rather than the beginning now that I've gone to all of the hotels that I can go to of points in Bora Bora Maldives is going to be the next step one final question that I'm expecting people to ask in the comments is why am I not recommending to chase pond void cards in order to stay at something like the st.

Regis I think it's fine I'd really like the st.

Regis I think you just need a lot of points to do it so if you do want to do that then both player one and player two should get the myriad cards that gets you probably about eighty-five thousand to a hundred thousand points you're looking at eighty-five thousand points per night the reason I'm giving a range is because bonus offers are probably going to change in the future given the transfer fees in order to get to the st.

Regis unless you are doing at least four nights there I just don't think it makes sense going there for two nights is really expensive by getting to four nights you get the fifth night free so you technically would want to do five nights you would want all the points to be able for one person though so they make the booking so unless you have ample chase points to transfer over to Marriott's it's really hard to justify why it just gives you more value for those points more nights for the points that's pretty much it without dragging the video on too long if you are someone who wants to learn more about these cards and you want to support her channel again we do have links on our website asks Abbie as well as down below in the description box very very easy way to support the channel hopefully that was helpful and my question for you guys is have you done this trip yourself what's been your experience there or if you are considering this how would you play it yourself would you use all your points towards the hotel elements and then use other points towards flights what would you do for me I think the really fun part is treating it like a game where you want to optimize your outcome if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you know anyone else who benefit from what we just talked about feel free to share this video with them because it's probably going to help them out otherwise hope you guys liked it see you guys next time [Music].


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