"Free" $10,000+ Maldives Hotel w/ Chase Trifecta + Chase Hyatt


hey guys it's Sebastian from ask Debbie and today we're going to talk about how to stay in the park hi yet in the Maldives for free using your points so if you're new here we're all about how to maximize the value of money that you're already spending in

order to travel for free our goal here is not to spend more money than we typically normally would for today's video we're focusing on the hotels portion and not really on the flights portion or the excursion or food portion but be aware that you are probably going to

be paying a lot of money just to get to that specific island and again to eat the food to do the stuff it's pretty expensive given how expensive all of that is going to be our goal is to save money with the three nights the really good theme

of the Park Hyatt motifs is that it's a category six so hyukoh is of the category seven category sixes cost twenty five thousand points per night be aware though that the night that you're booking with these free points is not going to be an over the water villa

so again you either need to have status to get that happen or you just need to pay with money to get to upgrade we'll talk about that a bit more later down in the video but again the goal here is to figure out how to get the base

night's first it was someone under five twenty-four so if you have less than five new accounts so from any issuer in the last four months then I would focus on those cards first just because they're going to give you a ton more value getting a card like the

freedom card as well as the freedom unlimited gets you fifteen thousand points each so in total that's already thirty thousand points the thing to consider with those cards though is that in order to get the most value out of them you're going to need to transfer them out

via one of the other transfer partner cards that are available the two easy ones to consider are the Chase Sapphire Preferred as well as the Chase Sapphire Reserve so by having these cards you can directly transfer your points at a one-to-one rate to where it's Hyatt or towards

any other transfer partner if you're not sure which one of those two cards make sense for you we have a ton of math videos kind of looking at the two values and seeing which one makes more sense so if you are still just unsure and you don't want

to do any math I would probably go of something like the Chase Sapphire Preferred just because the annual fee is waived in the first year and you can always downgrade it after year one and year two if you're starting to get negative expected value meaning that again you

have a lot of value and in year two you have zero risk if you end up getting the to freedom cards as well as either of the CSP or the CSRs of the preferred o2 reserve then you're going to get the chase trifecta which is a really good

long-term setup as well for the to freedom cards the minimum spend is five hundred dollars each and then for the CSP or the CSR it's four thousand dollars so again one thing I really want to emphasize is that these videos or for people who are already going to

spend the money so if you're spending more money to hit the minimum spend that doesn't really make any sense there probably is a math equation where it would so there's obviously a financial point if you do the calculations given the price of the three nights but I still

don't really think it's worthwhile you don't want to get into debt just to travel if you're worried about minimum spend we do have a few other videos on that but rents would be a very easy example as well as something like taxes or health insurance so there might

be fees in order to pay this but again if you do the math if you run the numbers it makes a lot of sense so you're paying 2 or 3% in order to hit the minimum spend on a card where you're getting value that is typically about 20

or 30 percents another way to put it is would you'd be willing to pay $100 to get a free night that's worth a thousand dollars I think a lot of people would so in total with the set up we have 80,000 points so that is enough for 3

nights if you are a business owner a really good card to consider would be the CIP card so that's the chasing preferred card it has an 80,000 point sign up offer and a 5,000 dollar minimum spend so obviously it is targeted towards people who have some sort of

business on the side but even if you're thinking about doing something oftentimes that's all you really need so you can be a sole proprietor and you'll still be fine and we have a ton of videos talking about what to consider for business cards in terms of sole proprietorships

if you are a business owner make sure that you get the CIP card before you hit 524 otherwise you won't be able to get it so the interesting thing about business cards is that they do not affect your 5:24 rating in most cases just because they don't go

on your personal credit report but they do get affected by it so the fact that you're over 524 means that you would not be able to get this card so from the first set up we have three nights already and then four CIP by itself we have another

three nights if you have a significant other and there won't get cards as well if they add the same setup again that's going to be twelve nights in total one thing to be careful with is that you do not want to add them as an authorized user for

cards that they're going to get just because that's going to cause problems so for example if you get the CSP card if you add them as an authorized user they're not going to be able to get a signup bonus for the same card until they cancel the card

and get a removed from the credit report it's not really worth the hassle if you do need to add an authorized user I would look into your parents or another relative someone obviously that you trust and then also someone who doesn't actively need that card right away the

main reason for that is just so they have time to cancel it in case they want to get rid of themself if you're someone who is over 524 I think the easiest card to get is a chase hayek card so when you sign up for the card you're

going to get 40,000 points if you add an authorized user you're going to get an extra 5,000 points and again that's pretty much it pretty straightforward the signup bonus plus adding an authorized user and also again the money that you spend towards hitting that minimum spend it gets

you pretty close to two nights again if you need to add an authorized user look into someone else who is not your significant other or the other person going with you they would want to do the same set up as well for another two nights and again we're

going to run through the prices of this property and why you're getting so much value here on that note if you're looking to apply for any of these cards and you want to support our channel a really easy way would be to apply using the links on our

site if you're still not too sure which card you want to get and the setup you wanted to feel free to fill out a consultation it's also on our website if you look at the prices of this property online you're looking at something between $700 and $2,600 even

on the lowest end you're getting a ton of value based off the minimum spends you're hitting assuming that each night costs a thousand dollars and again you can change this number yourself and calculate it to see whether it makes sense for you but let's say it's a thousand

dollars you get two nights from signing up for the high card meaning that you're getting two thousand dollars in value you're paying an annual fee that's less than $100 and the minimum spend is two thousand dollars again the fact that we're spending money that were already going to

spend so you don't want to increase their spends I emphasize this a lot but I feel the need to you don't want to increase or spend you're basically getting $2,000 for spending $2,000 the same thought process is true for the chase cards as well and again the act

of transferring the point is relatively straightforward you basically just transfer the points from the freedom and the freedom unlimited to the CSP or the CSR and then it's pretty straightforward to transfer it from the CSP over to hyatt booking seems to be pretty easy there's a lot of

availability so that's not really a concern so all of that that we just talked about those are the pros so what are the cons for this method the biggest one is at the free night that we're getting is not one that is an overwater billow so again you

might be upgraded if you have status but most people typically need to pay in order to get either a pool or to get a water villa as of November of 2017 the price to upgrade to a pool room is going to be about two hundred and fifty dollars

per night for a deluxe pool room it's going to be three hundred and eighty one dollars for water villa five hundred dollars and for sunset water villa seven hundred and fifty dollars if you want to go all the way up to a two bedroom pool villa that's going

to be about $1,700 and again all of these numbers are per night so that gets really expensive so again a huge consideration but if you were to pay the cash price it's also very expensive so something to consider there another big disadvantage of this plan is that you're

still going to be paying a ton to get here in terms of flights so again I think if you have this destination in mind you already kind of knew that and there are ways to mitigate the cost but again you need to be aware of this just because

this vacation can be pretty expensive if it were me I think I would end up doing kind of two reservations so maybe doing one or two nights that are over water and then doing the rest that are online so that's fine of me the beach is still pretty

good you don't need to necessarily be over the water but you still probably want that at least one night just to show people if you want to take pictures or whatever else another destination to consider is Bora Bora but availability is significantly harder there we previously did a

video on this and again people complain about how hard it is to find ability you basically need to look every single day what the Maldives I was playing around of a lot of different dates and there's a ton of availability so hope it's helpful and let me know

if you guys have any questions my question for you guys is whether the Maldives is on your bucket list and again what do you want to go for a normal vacation a honeymoon an anniversary let me know in the comments down below if you've been there yourself I'd

also love to hear about your experiences also if you wanted me to talk about flights I can do that in a future video as well if you like this video give it a thumbs up it really helps us out and if you know anyone else who'd benefit from

what we just talked about feel free to share this video with them because it's probably going to help them out but otherwise hope you guys liked it see you guys next time [Music]


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