Dream Job? How to Live & Work in Maldives – explained


hello how is everyone if you are new here my name is Roberto I'm living with Johanna in the Maltese with Laura for more than a year and today I'd like to share with you our experience to live and work in the Maldives I'm going to explain you everything in the section first let's go [Music] so first big question why Maldives I mean I don't think I have to explain much about it Maldives has more than a thousand beautiful flat islands where the highest natural point is 2.

4 meters above the sea level heat summer only around with the maximum temperatures of 31 degrees and the minimum of 27 there is a dry season from November to March and the wet season from April to September but to be honest with you it doesn't rain much anyway so how to live in the Maldives the first thing you have to do is to find a job and to find a job usually you have to be an expert or working tourism or resort and once you get a job yeah then you can apply for the visa usually the companies they do everything for you so you don't have to worry too much about it Maldives has more than 120 resorts and there are lots of new resorts planning to open for the next few years so if you like to come definitely there will be a lot of new opportunities coming up Maldives has a very different lifestyle especially if you coming from the Western world or from any big city we are in a very small islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean hitting the Maldives we don't have any cars or any roads if you like to travel between island to island you have to go whether by boat or seaplane which makes even more remote the capital of Maldives is male which is one of the most densely populated place on earth it's very crowded lots of motorbikes and the size of Mali it's less than to New York City Central Park's combined don't expect to come to Mali to do shopping and tourism the closest biggest city it would be a single pool or divide which is around 4 hours flight from here apart from Mali there are the local islands where the locals live and the life there is much more relaxed most of these locals they work in the tourism or guest houses or nearby resorts or even fishing and the wives they live in the local islands looking after the children so once you come here be ready to work mostly with the with the men they are super nice people they are very relaxed very friendly and super easy to work with as we are live in the small islands everything heat is very slow very relaxed if you need to get something done don't get frustrated everything takes is own time be prepared to do compromises models is a Muslim country so we must respect all their culture and traditions for instance and alcohol and bikinis at the beach are not allowed except if there are designated areas to do it nowadays most of the local islands they have a designated bikini beach tourism beach where the foreigners can go and enjoy the day at the beach without disturbing the locals another thing to take in consideration is the food don't come here expecting to have your home delicious food and most of the food in the Maldives it's imported so for sure they don't be limitations and then we have the resort lives something we cannot forget is that the resorts are made exclusive for the guests so usually they are really small tiny island islands and then the guest area it's around the island and usually the staff facilities it's in the middle and this staff village that's where you can find all our accommodation depending on your position you can get a shared or a private room we have our canteen our restaurant our bar a GMAC ownership volleyball court basketball court of football field and my favorite place on the island our beach our starfish but be very careful because most of the resorts the guest area is outside of the island and then the staff areas in the middle and we are not allowed to go to the guest area we are not ago allowed to go to the beach so every day we are seeing this beautiful water and we are not allowed to touch the water because you cannot go to the guest area I couldn't do it we are very lucky to be at vichara where you can have our staff beach and then we can come here anytime we can go for swimming for snorkeling and enjoy our proper day of in paradise it does not mean I spend all my day here at the beach time here is a bit limited as well we work six days a week we have one day off and I wish to come here more often but when you are off you just relax and you live in Paradise this ocean is the best thing that you have in the model there are beautiful corals fishes stingrays manta rays turtles you name it even you can swim with the biggest fish in the ocean the whale shark is one of the best things I've done in my life you can do all the water sports activities you can snorkel diving free diving and you can serve one of the best waves on the planet thank you for watching I hope you liked the video and explanation if you have any questions please comment down below I'll be more than happy to answer them and please leave a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you like to see more videos in the mobiles thank you you.


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