Chef Mauro Gomez, of W Maldives


yeah therefore yes and then we have here fish this is our restaurant this is our signature restaurant and like the name says species that's super restaurant man right now we're in a little bit of us position we have to do before I think it was more like a

global cuisine what you could find in different kind of items from all over the place right now we're focusing and make more of a contemporary Malini and kissing what we're going to bring old traditional dishes and give it a double your twist in making what it is and

of course using local ingredients try to help a little bit with the environment making sure our footprints I know hi making sure we help to move forward these were great can you tell us a little bit about the moles even cookies what is it how is it different

from multi-beam Kristine is really a like a box of surprises I cannot describe in any other way when I first got here I thought I seen everything the first couple days but the more I keep working here and more of the local people that work in the kitchen

keep showing me everything new dishes I've seen so many different items and definitely every time I see a new item I think how can I recreate that they should make it be fair and I'll give it a twist to make sure it looks different and that's one of

the things we're working right now we're playing with multi beam dishes and all the ingredients from local island to come up with a new so we actually had the opportunity to go to Mali and we walked around the fish market can you tell us a bit about how

you get your sauce of fish and duty sunny yeah you have to go to Mali to get your things I know actually we get a local fishermen that come here right now it's between two and three times a week they bring the fish this shows what they called

the night before and we buy whatever is the freshest items that we can have also we have people to bring love stairs and crops and also we have the fishermen to bring the tuna scene 450 kgs of yellowfin tuna sitting in a table is pretty unique really what

is your favorite food chef my favorite food when you're not cooking for are you gonna cut all right yes of course I'd love to me and my favorite food it's bitter yes very simple I think it's more like a comfort food makes me feel like home and I

think pizza can be fun too that's the best thing that you've ever eaten the best pizza I have to say it's an Italian pizzeria and Atlanta Georgia Quantico pizzeria they bring all the products from Napoli Naples finally every item that they use in the pizza is from Naples

and they have these huge brick ovens we would I think probably one of the best pizzas I ever had in my life is there it's amazing now the place that you will go you probably go to Atlanta for fried chicken yeah and collard greens or black-eyed peas but

other pizza there is amazing so which brings me to your shining through here what is your favorite to in the kitchen definitely I have an obsession with knives as you can see I always carry a knife with me I do have my own set of knives that I

got a long time ago and I always travel with them actually when I was coming here they told me I carry my own eyes I left a lot of stuff out of my luggage to make sure that nice were there oh ho oh yeah I do have an

obsession with nice okay something that PMF for FMB industries and she quite tough going do you have any advice for young up informations I think it is a very tough industry but I know there's a lot of passionate people that really enjoy food I think they need to

go through the first couple of years I think this at the Ralph is one when you first started I think the kitchen it's more like a military world and it's really tough when you first start but as soon as you start getting more comfortable and understanding one how

they work it's a lot of fun I think if friends I met in the kitchen they're like family right now to me after years they we haven't worked together we still communicate we still are in touch so it's a really amazing world and like myself as I coming

from Argentina traveling around the States now here on the Maldives the opportunities that you can have also in this world is amazing if you do your job right you really worry about learning what the kitchen is about and focusing exactly what you want to learn you can go

anywhere okay so final question chef Jose if this is my first time to the W and Maldives and it's my first dinner what would you cook for me like so that I can have that complete w ma deviant experience well I would definitely recommend you to come here

to fish yeah I think our seafood it's probably the freshest seafood year you're gonna be able to try anywhere and the dishes I think our chef Brandi here he made this coconut crusted white white fish from the ribs it's amazing we cook it in banana leaves in the

oven so the flavor are you gonna get there is amazing


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