24 Hours in Paradise: W Retreat & Spa, Maldives – Destinology


the captivating maldivian sunrise at the w retreat & spa resort is the picture perfect setting for a session of yoga here begin your day in total tranquility before stepping into the wonderland of white sand beaches after that head down to win a posh playground that displays the Maldives

as a true marine resort the house reef at the w is one of the best in the Maldives I mean even just walking around the retreat I've seen species of fish that have never seen in my entire life no better way than to get up close and personal

than listen the house reef around the resort has been certified as the best in the maldives it's no surprise that guests are often overcome with all at the beauty of the surroundings as they soak in the sparkling waters of the resort oh my gosh it is so amazing

it is it has to be put in the most beautiful things I've done in my life oh I just look at fish totally different now I don't eat them any music too beautiful if you'll get tired then go high-tech with a see Bob the sea bulb is a

piece of luxury marine gear that lets you glide like a fish whether you're skimming the surface or exploring the blue-green depth this is a dream gadget for all feel hours after enjoying a host of exhilarating water activities don't forget to indulge in double use world-class spa for a

soothing and refreshing treat hi guys everything was fast thank yous I chest nice to meet you oh my gosh it's gorgeous today they are upper to our signature massage which is the drift away again it's designed to in concept with the local gonna sell the whole symbology of

of the journey for a signature treatment we use a combination of the bergamot and citrus oils to help rebalance and rejuvenate the body in the mind each bowel movements is like a dance performance with a therapist with the long fluid strokes so if you like the work the

ocean washing over your body we also use a combination of the more traditional techniques okay the pressure points and three of the energy and rebalance the body and the mind the effleurage and we also use a combination of oils to help to reach you balance the body with

more clarity emerging from the treatment revel in the beauty of the Oasis bar with a dish of divine sushi and tea the away spa suits not only your body but your soul as well set against the islands most beautiful landscape one can explore and express themselves on a

blank canvas this treatment invites its guests to rediscover the artists within them what's more by the end of the session you also have a terrific memento to bring back home just when I thought I'd indulged myself with every possible luxury available at the resort George has yet another

surprise up his sleeve for evening at W I thought I pick you up in w this time when I have it on top of a boat we have a DJ we've been a fabulous music and beautiful people enjoying the best show in tamale the sunset might you best

friend oh thank you guys this is the escape yacht and it is probably the most gorgeous of our boats because it's glamorous and it's stylish just like you thank you all right welcome to the escape Hey hi guys hey Cheers I'm George it's really hard for me right

now to sum up my entire experience at the w because there aren't enough words to really describe how I feel I'm a person who's really happy with nature very at one with nature and I think that's what really nearly at the w being so close to such beautiful

water such amazing sea life and of course the sky isn't here are breathtaking so besides having a phenomenal time scuba diving or kayaking I loved meeting such nice kind people at the w that really touched me everyone was so warm so loving and so genuine that just changes

your entire perspective when you're on vacation well kamon w is really about providing those simple beautiful moments talk


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